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Now in its fifth year, YIMBY is the fastest growing real estate trade publication in New York.  It has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNNBBC, New York PostNew York Daily News, Politico and New York Magazine.

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Editorial Staff

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Vitali Ogorodnikov, Architecture Reporter [STORIES]

Vitali’s life has revolved around architecture and urbanity for almost as long as he can remember. Hailing from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Vitali got his first taste of New York when he moved to Brooklyn in 1999. Having lived in North Jersey, Philadelphia, and Japan since then, Vitali is back in the City with a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree. Aside from his roles as a writer and photographer for YIMBY, Vitali is a full-time architectural project manager, an Emporis  editor and photographer, a Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat editor board member, and an active Emerging New York Architects participant.  Vitali has been a member of YIMBY staff since 2015.

Reid Wilson, Construction Reporter [STORIES]

Born and bred in Connecticut, Reid started writing for YIMBY in the spring of 2014. Besides his keen ability to decipher the intricacies of New York’s Department of Buildings database, Reid combs the internet for the latest in breaking real estate news — and when he isn’t researching and writing for YIMBY, he is studying at the University of Connecticut.

Stephen Miller, Contributing Editor [STORIES]

As YIMBY’s day-to-day editor, Stephen serves as a “quarterback”, organizing force, and quality assurance check for YIMBY editorial staff.  He also writes about urban policy and transportation for YIMBY, and is a contributor to Streetsblog, the Village Voice and CityLab.  You can find him on Twitter at @miller_stephen.

Alon Levy, Contributing Editor, Urbanism [STORIES]

Alon grew up in Tel Aviv and Singapore; subsequently lived in New York, Providence, and Vancouver; and currently lives in Europe.  His writings on urban planning and mass transit incorporate substantive statistical analysis and cross-national comparisons of policies that create functional cities.  Currently based in Paris, you can find him on Twitter at @alon_levy.

Stephen Smith, Former Managing Editor – 2014-2015  [STORIES]

Originally from Philadelphia, Stephen moved to New York City in 2010, and started his writing career at the New York Observer.  After the Observer, Stephen honed his knack for analyzing urban policy at Next City before starting at New York YIMBY in early 2014.  Stephen brought extensive knowledge of zoning and planning issues to YIMBY.  He left YIMBY in 2015 and was superseded in his position by Rebecca Baird-Remba.

Rebecca Baird-Remba, Former Managing Editor – 2015-2017 [STORIES]

Rebecca managed YIMBY’s editorial staff from late 2015 until her departure in early 2017, supervising its coverage of real estate, development, housing policy, and architecture throughout the five boroughs.  A D.C. native, Rebecca made her way to New York City in 2008 to study journalism and political science.  She has written about everything from crime to congressional politics, but she discovered her fascination with real estate while blogging about Brooklyn at Brownstoner.  When she’s not angrily refreshing the Department of Buildings website, she rides her bike, shoots photos of whatever catches her eye, and roams the city looking for graffiti and street art.  She was  a full-time member of YIMBY staff from 2015-2017 before graduating to The Commercial Observer.

Evan Bindelglass, Former Landmarks Editor – 2014-2017 [STORIES]

Evan is a native of North Jersey and has been exploring New York City for his entire life. He studied broadcast journalism and political science and then spent about eight years working for WCBS Newsradio 880. While there, he created a series called Inaccessible New York, where he visited generally off-limits sites in the city. Following that stint, he did freelance work for Gothamist, Curbed NY, Brooklyn Heights Blog, Cobble Hill Blog, Thrillist, the New York Post, and YIMBY before becoming a full-time member of YIMBY staff in 2015. The focus of Evan’s coverage for YIMBY is Landmarks and real estate  history.  Evan is also a passionate cinephile, music lover, and foodie.  He has been a member of YIMBY staff since 2014 and in 2017 received an award from the Historic Districts Council for his landmarks coverage for YIMBY.  In June 2017 Evan moved on to a commercial writing position at an architecture firm.

The Founders

Dan George, Lead Investor, Chairman and CEO

Dan has been creating and marketing content that informs, entertains and persuades for nearly two decades.  Working across a variety of paid, earned and owned media both on and offline, his track record of successes includes a mix of innovative and effective initiatives for prominent real estate, fashion and global entertainment brands. As the funding co-founder of New York YIMBY, he grew a hobbyist fan blog into a leading real estate news website.  He serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Nikolai Fedak, Former Online Editor

Nikolai Fedak is YIMBY’s founding blogger.  As of his resignation on November 4, 2016 he is no longer associated with YIMBY, Inc., New York YIMBY, or the legally operating New York YIMBY website.  Any use of the YIMBY registered trademarks, copyrighted materials and other company assets by Fedak or attempts to personally profit therefrom is unauthorized.

Advertising on YIMBY

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