Mixed-Income Residential Tower With Up to 500 Units Planned on Grounds of LaGuardia Houses, Lower East Side

LaGuardia Houses
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  1. David says:

    Yes, I agreed..thank you and thank you very much for the details on a mixed-income residential building, read carefully not mixed-use building.

  2. S. Velez says:

    I see a parking lot there so apparently it is not VACANT. Where are the cars suppose to park if you take away their parking lot? Hello????? These developers just don’t give a sh*t for the people already living there. Be careful not to stand or be still in one place too long or they may try to build a building on your head.

  3. Tpk says:

    My sentiments exactly. A parking lot is a vacant lot? The parking lots are very small. A better use is housing for people. Provide parking in bottom of building.

  4. SANDRA VELEZ says:

    One day Manhattan is going to sink its all on that extra straw that broke the broke the camels back
    Its all nice so ppl can have a nice apt. with affordable rents but enough.

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