Landmarks Approves Some Changes to Belvedere Castle in Central Park

Existing conditions at Belvedere Castle in Central Park.
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  1. David says:

    The great natural sources for people touring around to smell and breathe themselves on peace-loving, I don’t have an aversion for new windows with more transparency.

  2. TOM says:

    The Conservancy has too much money and has run out of public good to spend it on.

    I’ve gone to Central Park and noticed the Castle on the rise but did not ever think it was open to the public, only used as back lighting for the plays. Who knew? But now another existential purpose has been funded.

  3. stan chaz says:

    God! It only took me two hours to scroll down to the comments section, but it was an interesting trip.
    I remember the castle from way back in the sixties (the nineteen sixties that is – I’m not THAT old).
    In my opinion the two pavilions or gazebos (the one large one on one side, as well as another smaller one alongside a peaked structure atop the main turret) were later additions that RUINED the original simple rustic thrust and appearance of the castle in the 60’s. These additions just don’t fit –neither architecturally nor materially- what was there before.
    it’s like pasting mismatched wedding cake fluff onto an old proud & rugged structure. Previously It truly looked like an ancient stone castle, perched high above the lake. But now? It’s a mismatched jumble of competing structures & styles…
    As for that horrendous handicap-accessible walkway approach that is proposed – it sticks out like a long sore white thumb (or an arrogant middle finger) pointed at the castle and destroying its whole ambiance. Please –at the very least construct the walkway and its sides with dark materials such as the present-day asphalt walkway (that unobtrusively blends into the park itself) — instead of the raised white concrete launchpad that is proposed And what’s wrong with the original dark metal handrails at the sides? Are we building a raceway speedway to replace a gently winding (and lovely) park path?
    Or find another way to make the castle handicap accessible. This might ruffle some feathers–but perhaps we need to realize that not every single public place CAN reasonably be made handicap accessible. You might as well flatten every inch of Central Park into one bland, nondescript – and very very accessible -lawn. Or better yet concrete -. even more accessible. Is there not a better way to do this with a more appropriate sense of balance with regard to seemingly competing wants, needs & priorities?

  4. Dale Dancis says:

    As. A birder who spend many hours enjoying the park, I find the proposal of building walls leading up to the castle very troubling – it will block any visual access to the shoreline of the pond. I am not sure why more concrete needs to be used here. I am sure there are nicer designs using wood fencing as you do elsewhere throughout the park. Winding paths are lovely and give a feeling of country- again I am sure a creative designer can come up with a better plan.
    Some change can be helpful- a recent railing was installed on steep steps near the weather station that is much appreciated-
    My main question is why should the castle be the visitors center at all? There are other buildings that are better suited- possibly one should be designed specifically for this purpose near 59 St where many tourists enter the park on the west side.

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