Foundation Work Underway on 38-Story, 460-Key Virgin Hotel at 1227 Broadway, NoMad

1227 Broadway
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  1. David says:

    Modern call design on the building of 38-story so modern-style and more modern with facade, most modern into signatures on top and below.

  2. stan chaz says:

    It does not feel right.
    I don’t like architecture that “feels” unbalanced or unsupported, as with this building.
    The bulk above just does not jibe with the airiness below.
    The one does not flow into the other, the one is not integrated with the other.
    A mismatched & confusing jumble of opposing or conflicting segments,styles and tension.

  3. Jack says:

    My thumb up!!! This one of ultra modernist structures on oldest part of Broadway, is finally going up!!! 38 story and 510 feet height practically across the Eventi, over 600’++ plus tall and 54 stories, who also have limestone covered hotel podium portion where condo residential started with modernist glassed tower from 25th floor. Nearby Durst property at almost 500′ and 41 story, office/residential hybrid with cold modernist style, and new 24 story, aka 1960s styled residential tower. This one however, making interesting enclave of new tower clusters, along with full glassed 52 story continental. And tower portion supported on multistory retail restaurants making good representation of still young and modern Broadway portion in entrance to Midtown South shopping and entertainment district who practically ended with Columbus Circle. Nice addition on Broadway since Marriott Hotel on corner of 54 street and Related Times Warner Center on Columbus, if it’s built as rendering have shown!!!

  4. John says:

    David, stop making every glass shitbox tower seem like they are nice in any way shape or form. The reason these glass shitbox’s look the same is for cost saving reasons. It’s all about the money now no attention to architectural details

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