Two-Tower, 900-Unit Mixed-Use Development Planned at 80 Flatbush Avenue, Downtown Brooklyn

80 Flatbush Avenue
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  1. David says:

    Development will be development in the works of progress on two-tower, who dare to stop it in the reasons towards an originating new ideas got an endless. (I love their designs)

  2. Jack says:

    Welcome for new Yimbi site. I liked old one, but so far it’s ok with new. This development probably easy get Phase 1, but for second, I don’t think so, this 920 feet tower is almost at supertall status (984+ feet), and looming over Brooklyn Hub complex, those residents won’t accept it since, shade coming on their windows, those who thinks Brooklyn is a New Manhattan, are wrong, in fact we could built skyscrapers there, but without being looming on other neighborhood already tall buildings, we shouldn’t became second Hong Kong or Shanghai either, so this second tall tower should be limited to 500-600, at most 700 feet!!!

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