Affordable Housing

Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for 28-Story, 669-Unit Mixed-Use Affordable Project at 147-22 Archer Avenue, Jamaica

The Crossing at Jamaica Station
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  1. David says:

    Bringing me to the towers of two on 28 and 15-story so work was done when the produce tools arrived, white hard hats were the most prominent color.

  2. Jack says:

    It’s 26 story and 14 story, actually. Not 28 and 15. Many times numbers of floors are not accurate, why Yimbi??? New Murray tower, as 64 story, even it’s officially 58 story. 46 W 22ND, 59 STORY BUILDING CALLED AS 65 STORIES, WHY, HARD TO GETTING RIGHT COMPLETE DATA ON THESE NEW CONSTRUCTION. CURBED NY HAVE POSTED RIGHT DATA OFTEN, BUT AGAIN, READING YIMBI ARTICLES, OFTEN USE THEIR DATA!!! So, it’s 26 story and 14 story, but 290 feet and 175 feet to rooftop. Why is pinacle head as bulkhead, only highest architectural elements are count!!!

  3. Jack says:

    Pinacle height. Corrected myself.

  4. Reid Wilson says:

    Our figures are pulled directly from building permits and the Schedule A. For this project, there will be 28 occupied floors in the taller one and 15 in the smaller building — the 26-story and 14-story figures are outdated. We’ve always referred to the 111 Murray Street tower as having 58-59 floors (the number of *actual* floors) – the 64-story figure is what the project’s marketing firm probably uses.

  5. Reid Wilson says:

    Yes, the pinnacle height is the top of the bulkhead.

  6. Kurt says:

    Yes, marketing. Trump claims to live on the 68th floor of a building that has 58 floors. Many developers add phantom floors.

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