Foundation Work Underway on 27-Story Commercial Project at 28-07 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City

28-07 Jackson Avenue
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  1. Jack says:

    Very good looking office project, and like one 54 story tower split on two 27 stories, since FAA restrictions on this area, guess if 900 feet tall “clock tower” would ever be built nearby, and for located next to Citibank “megatall” it’s only maximum allowed height of 752 feet due for FAA restriction there. Anyway LIC Skyline emerging and overall like downtown of big city of over 500k across the country. And Queens finally got real High rise Office Hub, like Brooklyn at least, mean Metrotech Center in Dobro. Two 27 story 425 feet tall towers with over 1 million sq feet, it’s a huge project even for NYC!!! Plus design replenish of nostalgic looking of classical modern office buildings across the Central and Southern Europe and those located in Miami and San Francisco. Pretty unusual for North East Coast!!!

  2. Jack says:

    Additionally, taller tower wouldn’t be fit good next to 22 story 2 Gotham Center, NYC Dept of Health 275 feet tall, so these 2 on big retail podium 375 feet office towers would fit perfectly this lot and created a high-rise dense 300-400 office block in the middle of nearby 400-700 feet tall mostly residential and hotel high-rises. Again, this rendering showed 2 beautiful office towers of reasonable height sprouted from 5 story high retail/restaurant podium, what’s unusual office building design for New York City, except only Time Warner Center, MiMA Tower, later 2 various in height residential and hotel high rises on several levels of Signature Center and restaurant podium, so practically this a third such kind of project in whole NYC, if I’m correct.

  3. David says:

    Who spy foundation work underway on the second sightseeing with the two-tower commercial project, my criticize would short when follow the above. (Father of all)

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