95 Vacant Apartments Getting Condo Conversions at 225 West 86th Street, Upper West Side

225 West 86th Street
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  1. David says:

    So big box bold building in Upper West side not Upper East side (I am correct the area), most must sure that the Landmarks approved and well being converted.

  2. Nobel Prize-winning author Isaac Bashevis Singer and his wife Alma used to live there most of the year — they were in Surfside, Florida, winters — in a really cluttered apartment with a Yiddish-character typewriter.

  3. Susan Epler says:

    We all saw this coming. Rent stabilized building with aging population, warehouse vacant apartments, then convert slowly to co-ops and condominiums. Similar to Lincoln Towers, Park West Village, The Apthorp and other now valuable pieces of real estate on the West Side. Now if the powers-that-be okay the conversion of public housing to condos every one will be richer and happier EXCEPT for the middle class and lower those lower on the income levels. Where will they live? Perhaps a new city in The Southern Tier for all displaced New Yorkers?

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