New York

Landmarks Approves Another West Village Mega-Mansion, 138-140 West 11th Street

Proposal for 138-140 West 11th Street.
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  1. Frank says:

    A decided improvement from the existing conditions.
    The criticisms expressed are off-point ridiculous.
    An occasional larger, double lot building is often seen within a fabric of generally single lot building development. These are the departures that impart variety and organic / evolved character to urban fabric.. Over-generalization and homogenization are thrusts to be avoided.
    The criticism of the extensive use of shutters is a good one. The use of shutters as proposed works to unintendedly set-off this building from all others on the street as a somewhat unsettling overpowering anomaly. Using shutters only on the main entry level would be the way to go.

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