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Eight-Story, 49-Unit Mixed-Use Replacement of Brooklyn Public Library’s Sunset Park Branch Approved

5108 Fourth Avenue
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  1. David says:

    Details based design and call replacement with an eight-story deep down the previous, look prettiest with the corner location that I always like it.

  2. Overdue Voter says:

    The real question about this development is why similar is not being proposed for Inwood. Similar lot size, similar library size, similar zoning. But instead of proposing a similar building, the city tells Inwood residents (without explanation) that an 8 story, 70 unit building is not feasible and instead tries to trick them into voting for a 14 or 17 story building and an unprecedented spot rezoning.

    Why? Because Inwood has political leadership that wants more housing (read: more votes) but has no respect for urban planning or the fundamemtal concept of zoning?

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