Supertall 111 West 57th Street Nears the 16-Story Mark

Rendering of 111 West 57th Street. Credit: Hayes Davidson and SHoP Architects
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  1. Johnny Domain says:

    Finished in early 2018? That’s hilarious They’re the worst

  2. Tony dasani says:

    Great another glass minagarey taken out the old glory and beauty from New York
    For only for the rich and out-of-country

  3. david koch says:

    How can so-called ‘Billionaires Row’ (rather inane, no?) only stretch from 6th to 7th Avenues when, clearly, 432 Park is part of this so-called ‘Billionaires Row’ and is located, almost, ‘on’ Park Avenue, two full blocks to the east?

  4. stan chaz says:

    So what does this say about our society, and about us as a people?
    In the sixties at least we wisely tried to aim for a “Great Society” where we all could share and benefit from prosperity and innovation, not just a few. Fiascos such as Vietnam prevented that.
    Today our architecture, as embodied in these super-talls for the super-rich reflects an entirely different and dangerous vision: a society of extremes , a society of haves and have-nots that cannot for long endure – neither economically nor socially nor politically.
    I pray that these super-talls will not end up as the grotesque tomb-stones of a society which has lost it way and its true purpose.

  5. Crawdad says:

    David Koch, no one wrote that billionaires row is exclusive to 6th and 7th Ave.

    Re-read the article. Billionaires Row refers to 57th Street. The project is between 6th and 7th.

  6. Realitychuck says:

    So many butt-hurt liberals in NYC. Shut up and sit down. If you don’t have the cash move somewhere else. What does this say about our society when we have a bunch of winy privileged adult snow flakes who were never told “no” growing up. It’s too bad you can’t live here. There are hard working people waiting in line to live here. This building is an architectural and structural masterpiece. If the “snowflakes” actually got their way all of NYC would be government housing and we would all sing kumbaya in central park. Oh wait, but then who would produce anything?