Touring the World’s Tallest Modular Building at 461 Dean Street in Pacific Park

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  1. Richard says:

    I thought the lower costs attributed to modular construction would “trickle down” to lower costs, i.e. rent or sale price. Surprise!

  2. David says:

    Interesting touring round the building, ended with an impressive after rough on the problems.

  3. fhjsdhaf says:

    I remember reading another article about what went wrong with these things. Apparently it’s only cheap if you can build them nearby where it’s being assembled but the cost of doing that in NYC is outrageous. Kinda sucks because modular stuff would be great for affordable housing.

  4. Rebecca Baird-Remba says:

    they were assembled a few miles away at the Navy Yard.

  5. Michael Dawkins says:

    Who is going to pay all that money for those tiny apartments?!

  6. Dominick says:

    84,000 people had applied for the 181 affordable units

  7. Jon says:

    Modular construction is affordable and fast to build only if its NOT in the USA. Go figure.

  8. Bob the Builder says:

    The lower cost of modular construction only means the developer has a greater ROI. It is not in their interest to lower the rent when the price per sqf in Brooklyn is booming.

  9. leroy says:

    the price for some of these apartments is so redicuious, and its limited the amount of people that can move in a 1,2,3 bedroom,i dont think the price is about the apartment, you paying for the quality of the building its like upscale restaurant if you know what i mean….

  10. Frank B. says:

    The corner studio is amazing!

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