Scoping Out The Views From The Bryant, 33-Story Hotel And Condominium Tower At 16 West 40th Street, Midtown

The Empire State Building as seen from the top of The Bryant. All photos by Evan Bindelglass unless noted
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  1. David says:

    Straight looking to various views that hide 33-story, I extremely like towers in a meeting tall.

  2. No David Neither Nor says:

    View the back from below above big skyscrapers tall.

  3. Marc Leslie Kagan says:

    How can you saw that Raymond Hood’s American Radiator Building is a lesser known building. When this new building the Bryant is long gone the American Radiator Building still stand tall in opinion. Since you can easily dismiss Raymond Hood I wonder if you even know who he is and what buildings he designed? From the tone of your article I guess you don’t. Pity

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