New Look: 40-Story Residential Tower at 532 Neptune Avenue in Coney Island

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  1. David says:

    Antedate with renderings on 40-story, new production from development as residential tower.

  2. irving broome says:

    this is schron new rendering of his building on neptune ave

  3. dan says:

    How are all these new people going to squeeze onto the ‘F’ train at Neptune/Van Sicklen?

  4. MyBrooklyn says:

    Community was against this monstrosity but crooked officials approved it anyways

  5. paul IAMRIGHTAGAIN says:

    This is absurd. I live in Trump Village and paid for my view. With this structure my view is compromised. I want to be compensated on the full deterioration of my soon to be obstructed view.

  6. michele balavram says:

    please don’t do this this area is already over crowded. there is already no parking and the picture u show looks like your lying and the building is going up on west 58and sheepshed bay road makes no sence there is already no parking and many fights in streets over parking spots and long lines everywhere always

  7. rochelle says:

    and when there is an accident, toxic fumes will spread and make people sick or die!!!!
    your rendering of the F train is ridiculous and an outright LIE!!!!which is probably true of the entire scheme!!

  8. AL SAVDIE says:

    are blue prnt of apartments available to view prior to construction

    will there be outdoor as well as indoor public parking

    any specifics on retail spaces available

  9. quiero las entradas para ir con mi queridisimo esposo a pasar un momento chancho! vamos por tiesto!!!

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