City Estimates the Impact of East Harlem Rezoning

A map of the proposed East Harlem rezoning. via DCP
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  1. grannyrn says:

    More of the same. The people currently living in this new zone will no longer be able to afford to live there. Damn. Damn. We lived there during the hard times and now when there is no more space for those who can afford to move into the neighborhood and have no where else to live we have to leave. That lot on 111th street has been there for years and years. There is no difference between what is happening to us than what happened to the Indians. Those with the least money are moved to accommodate those with more money.

  2. David says:

    If the proposal materialize without no matter, matching material from people and rezoning.

  3. bobobobobob says:

    You do know that without additional housing capacity demand will eclipse supply and housing prices will increase significantly faster than it would otherwise? Each community needs to build more housing.

  4. Artleads says:

    If money wasn’t god, they could build housing that the poor could afford. Market economics puts money before people. I’m not sure the economic system could work any other way, which suggests that something other than economics is needed.

  5. Betty Louviere says:

    Send me an application for appartmen.

  6. reeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    An increase in capacity means that prices won’t inflate due to not meeting demand.

    You want increased capacity so people who live there already won’t get priced out.

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