Four-Story, Five-Unit Residential Building Filed At 185 Devoe Street, Williamsburg

185 Devoe Street
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  1. David says:

    Williamsburg order the new building on four-story, come here and stand with rental apartments.

  2. In my opionion bedroom widths should be at least 11ft wide minimum. There should be space at foot of bed for a dresser. Since there may not be a walk in closet. Some 4 story 8 unit buildings are no more than 8ft wide. That is the size of a college dorm. Maybe even a prison cell is wider. If anything these should be studio units not one bedrooms. A livingroom and bedroom both 8ft wide is ridiculous. Im voicing this opinion in this post which does not apply. 25ft wide full floor units is the way to go. And duplexes are even better. Im wondering who rents places so small? Students cant afford the rent. Does the government section 8 provides the rent? Or government homeless assistance? Are these units taking the place of hotels to make money? Again im not talking about this house in particular. Someone please respond and let me know your opinion.

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