American Museum of Natural History Expansion Gets Go-Ahead from Landmarks

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  1. David says:

    Natural serving one of the most interesting, seen in the progress of grass, trees, and flowers. (color of nature)

  2. Ground Control says:

    Extremely sad. And so brilliantly clear that the LPC hasn’t a clue what it’s mission is. This new structure might stand on its own elsewhere, but is as jarring and inappropriate here as was the plan which was scrapped for the NYPL. Unfortunately on this project the community could not effectively organize and bring to this the opposition necessary to fight it. Another transfer of public land for private use which while taking up a smaller part of the park will overflow into much more of it. Not to mention that the Museum has created a theme park which in time will make the residential neighborhood around it less and less desirable. The word on the street is that this was a done deal from Day 1. I am so glad I don’t live in that area.

  3. eileen bauer says:

    Looks like they plopped down superman’s fortress of solitude at 77th Street !

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