New Renderings Show Tishman Speyer’s Residential Towers and Office Complex Under Development in Long Island City

28-10 Jackson Avenue
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  1. redoctober says:

    Such big buildings, in such a low rise area…its as if the exposure will be likened to modern tenement air-shafts. Oh planning, why don’t you plan?

  2. Tyrone says:

    Looks like low rise areas will be high rise in the future.

  3. Manuel says:

    The block just west to the office building houses a building of around 60-70 stories, and a similar height building an extra two stories west. So this is definitely NOT a low rise area.

  4. wahahaha says:

    Yeah, don’t you miss the vacant lots and abandoned industrial yards?

    This type of thinking is stupid, cut it out. LIC is going to be Midtown East, there is not stopping that.

  5. fdsaf says:

    It’s a five min subway ride to Grand Central. There is no reason this area shouldn’t be packed with tall buildings.

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