Former Verizon Building at 375 Pearl Street Gets a New Look

375 Pearl Street, photo by Tectonic
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  1. David says:

    Who say an ugliest structure?..shut up right now and straight to a new look of decoration.

  2. Noah says:

    Why didn’t they do this to the building all around. The glass doesn’t work with the brutalist style of the building.

  3. Rrichard Harris-DeStarr says:

    Are they going to take down the Verizon Sign?

  4. AMH says:

    It certainly doesn’t improve the look of the tower–I think it’s actually worse.

  5. Gregory says:

    It’s still horrible. May the architect engineers’ names be swept into the dustbin of architectural history.

  6. TOM says:

    Will a similar renovation happen to the real ugliest building in NYC: the telephone exchange at Church & Worth Sts.?

    Also, is anyone watching the City lease portfolio expanding in some very pricey real estate. Hello, City Council. Is anyone awake there?

  7. Brant Thomas says:

    I walked the Brooklyn Bridge (to work) for 30 years. This building was the worst thing I saw. I could never imagine, who, in their right mind, would design such an ugly building. It should have been stripped to its steel and rebuilt…or torn down for scrap.

  8. CityDave says:

    Hope they glass all the way up and down the building, eventually.

  9. Gregory says:

    If you compare the rendering from January with the reality of today, it seems that the somebody decided to glaze only 10 floors as opposed to the original 14 floors that were to receive big windows. Those four floors would have helped with the proportions.

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