World Trade Center Performing Arts Center Gets $75 Million Donation, Renaming

Performing Arts Center
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  1. Tom says:

    Back to alive and power with large size towers, showing landmark in Lower Manhattan forever.

  2. EstevAn says:

    The foster design is stunning compared to all the towers there , the big design is beyond an eye sore ! Come on NYC !!!

  3. steve bournias says:

    Any hope of a decent concert quality pipe organ in this new place?

  4. Charles G. Wolf says:

    Bravo, Ronald Perelman! Music and the arts is so needed in lower Manhattan. The arts are so necessary for lower Manhattan, and to place them on the site of the worst tragedy that has occurred on this nation’s soil is befitting.

    I’m sure that my late wife, who was killed on the 97th floor of Tower 1 on 9/11, would be very pleased. She was an extraordinary musician — a piano accompanist with a degree from the Royal College of Music in London. Music and the other performing arts keep us human and provide a counter-balance to the world of finance.

    Again, thank you Ronald Perelman! You have used your wealth to provide a wonderful gift to the people of New York City, and in particular, lower Manhattan.

  5. Charles G. Wolf says:

    A pipe organ would be so wonderful!

  6. Mark says:

    Why not build another freedom tower? It would be more symbolic and look way nicer. It would be a modernized version of what was there before. It would fill in the gap and make the skyline what it used to be.

  7. mark esposito says:

    YES Finally a recent article that hits this issue. Perfectly written and I agree 100%. What was once a great design, now come down to BIG’s design. Build that somewhere and stick with Fosters incredible design that suits the area in style, looks, and historical design. Thank you for this article and hope to see FOSTERS DESIGN rise.

  8. Mark Esposito says:

    Agreed 110%

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