Construction Update: 220 Central Park South

220 Central Park South, as seen from West 58th Street. Photo by Tectonic for YIMBY
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  1. Tom says:

    In the heart of city so cool, tower rising to the sky without limit on structure.

  2. rnsone says:

    I like the original design much better. This one looks like Trump Palace. Still a nice design and a welcome addition to the area.

  3. NFA says:

    ^ Original design?

  4. NFA says:

    That setback on the CPS frontage is atrocious. I don’t know what they were thinking trying to contextualize with that horrible 60s building next door which will probably be redeveloped in the next 20 years.

  5. DGW says:

    The revised top looks much better. But all that money for an apartment and most don’t even have a parking space but everyone is NEXT to a fire station. Obviously these tax shelters aren’t meant to be lived in most of the time.

  6. Dan Golus says:

    Where’s the Nordstrom tower in these renderings?

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