Revealed: 371 Baltic Street, Boerum Hill Condos

371 Baltic Street, rendering by Atelier New York Architecture
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  1. Evelyn Tully Costa says:

    UGLY piece of garbage! What kind of disturbed mind creates such an eyesore and think’s its “cool”? Destroying 3000 years of classical architecture for a brutally boring insult to senses and property values. Neighbors must be thrilled. Also good for shrinks because anyone living in this horror will need extra doses of antidepressants.

  2. J. Smith says:

    Beautiful, modern, minimalist aesthetic. Some people may not be able to appreciate but I’m sure they will get it eventually.

  3. Evelyn Tully Costa says:

    Yeah, when one of the cement blocks hits me on the head and brain damage ensues, then I’ll “get it”…seriously why any human would want to live in such a soulless pile is beyond reason. Nothing beautiful about it, and no aesthetic whatsoever. Not to mention a bit on the arrogant side considering the neighborhood, sketch up nonsense.

  4. S. Williams says:

    In these simulations I see that the material and volumetric choice result from the desire to enter a volume that show itself as a monolithic block, with symmetry and harmony between empty and full and the same constructive elements, deriving from a constructive grid studied to create proportions in all three facades.
    With this aesthetic choice, I see that the interior has been designed to create spaces with large brightness, resulting from the large openings facing the private garden and the public park, creating a natural overlook that give serenity to the future tenants.
    (so they will not need any antidepressants)

  5. Bob Davis says:

    certainly far fewer than 10 minutes to walk to subway entrance. closer to 3-4 minutes at most.
    There are very few brick row houses on block. A mix of perhaps aging tenements and new construction including Baltic Tower across the street.

  6. Alan says:

    Hooboy, I’m not usually overly critical of modern architecture, but big slabs of beiton brut are pretty damn ugly, and will of course start being rust-stained within a few years. They could at least use white concrete or some sort of cladding rather than reliving the worst mistakes of the 1970s:

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