City Council Approves Sale For 344-Unit Redevelopment Of New York City Farm Colony, Staten Island

Landmark Colony
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  1. staten islander says:

    Must be one of the few areas below the S.I. Expressway where apartment buildings are permitted. R3-2 zoning in the NA-1 area.

  2. Rebecca Baird-Remba says:

    The zoning for the Farm Colony is R3-2, but I’m sure the city will upzone it if necessary.

  3. staten islander says:

    This is a done deal but shouldn’t the upzoning been taken care of first? ‘Upzoning’ is a dirty word on Staten Island.

  4. staten islander says:

    Just noticed this – sort of buried in the 26c zoning map is a proposed zoning change (dated 10/19/15) for part of the Farm Colony site along Brielle Avenue to be ‘rezoned by establishing within an existing R3-2 a C1-3 District’.

  5. staten islander says:

    Thanks for that info, but wasn’t it submitted by an S.I. councilmember?

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