Public Strongly Supports Landmarking The Former IRT Powerhouse On The Far West Side

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  1. LoveThisBuilding says:

    What an incredible theater, music, opera, and dance venue this would make! Add museum to that list. With restaurants. Maybe an arts conservatory. If I had an extra few hundred million dollars under my mattress….

  2. BBMW says:

    Maybe we might want to keep this space available for infrastructure. In point of fact, it was built as an electrical generating station, and maybe it should be modernized as such and used again for that purpose. Landmarking would interfere with that.

  3. Steve says:

    “Landmarking would interfere with that” is such a red herring with no basis in reality. Has landmarking kept Grand Central Terminal from being modernized? And GCT is one of the very few interior as well as exterior landmarks – despite landmarking, this major piece of infrastructure fairly recently was expanded to allow access to the tracks from the north, and the interior was completely (and magnificently) renovated including a food court, new retail, and other new modern uses that were not in the original plans. And beneath GCT a whole new terminal is being built to accommodate the LIRR. GCT continues to play an active and vital infrastructure role in the modern city. To claim that “Landmarking would interfere with” whatever is really saying “I have no imagination.”

  4. Philip Zyrski says:

    When this powerplant does become decommissioned, it could become an American Progress Museum for Industrial History. It could be a major tourist attraction and the pride of the neighborhood, the Borough of Manhattan, NYC and even America, since it was the largest powerplant in the world when it was completed 111 years ago.

  5. biff33 says:

    This is a dishonest report; it omits the interests involved. Only Con Ed objects? Well, yes — only Con Ed owns it, and, therefore, only Con Ed has something to lose: its right to use its property for its profit. Bjarke Ingels objects? What a surprise! His building is across the street; you think he wants the view obstructed by a new tall building? Same for 10 West End Avenue. And who doesn’t want something for nothing? You might as well report three people are in a room, and two vote to rape the third, so who could possibly object? The victim! This is journalism?

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