A Micro-Neighborhood At The Border Of Woodside and Sunnyside Grows On Queens Boulevard

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  1. Mike Magill says:

    On paper this all sounds like positive progress but drive along this corridor and behold the cheapest of construction, the mightiest of corner cutting and buildings that are so unattractive that they can actually be considered blight on a once Beautiful neighborhood. The A list developers knew very well that they would not be able to get outrageous condo prices or even rents for that matter so the D list developers from Flushing are pasting these buildings together and ruining Sunnyside and Woodside.

  2. heyo says:

    man it’s so ugly. don’t people have sense of design and preservation for the local area?

    If they had at least erected something interesting maybe local tenants looking for something new would be interested.

    instead they create a transient neighborhood filled with inflated pricing and tiny new homes

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