990-Foot-Long S.S. United States Could Be Turned Into Office & Entertainment Complex, Red Hook

S.S. United States
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  1. marsha rimler says:

    I saw neighbors off on a cruise on this ship as a child. We were allowed on board for a reception before they left. This is a great idea

  2. Marc Leslie Kagan says:

    If Long Beach California can have the Queen Mary I don’t see why New York City can have the fastest Ocean Liner ever built. It’s a GREAT idea let’s do it.

  3. John Connolly says:

    I worked on the IKEA store and thought that Red Hook was a cool location ripe for development. Hopefully the NYC Building and Construction Trades will be an integral part of this historical lady of the sea being gussied up for her final berth. Great oppurtunity for Brooklyn!

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