The Loophole in de Blasio’s New Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning Policy

Broadway Junction on the border of East New York and Ocean Hill, the first two neighborhoods where the city's new mandatory inclusionary zoning will take effect.
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  1. ex-brooklynite says:

    The East New York fantasy continues.

  2. homeowner says:

    ENY residents will beat and rob the new middle-class apartment dwellers. Their apartments will be burglarized while they are at work. It’s already happening in Flatbush, Kensington and East Flatbush. New more prosperous residents move in and come home from work at nigh to find their apartments cleaned out.

  3. mitch says:

    East New York will gentrify and become much safer eventually, no doubt about it. Current residents in relatively cheap, rent regulated/protected apartments will be fine. They just need to help themselves by understanding those protections, never being intimidated by legal proceedings and resisting pestering eviction efforts by speculators. The proof of that is the thousands of less monied, less priviledged tenants/residents who have hung in there, now side by side with the Yuppies and Millenials in the increasingly pricey neighborhoods of uber hipster Williamsburg and Greenpoint, stroller/soccer mom Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Senator Shumer Park Slope (even if most of the old Bodegas got priced out…).

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