Revealed: New Marriott Hotel Coming to 151 Maiden Lane, Financial District

151 Maiden Lane
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  1. NFA says:

    Perplexing how Peter Poon even gets a commission like this. Like going to a street dentist to fix your front teeth.

  2. Knowing Guest says:

    Fortis is not the developer/owner of the Hotel side; they sold that portion off

  3. Jeff says:

    It is disingenuous to characterize the Seaport as complaining NIMBY’s because they object to a massive tower permanently marring the historic district’s connection to the, ahem, SEA port. Even pro-development citizens are allowed to protest bad projects on public land…

  4. Thank you! Do you know who the developer is? Will update accordingly

  5. But it isn’t most residents; the fight is being led by a few people in the restricted/middle-income housing towers who don’t want their views of the Brooklyn Bridge blocked. Made MORE ridiculous by the fact that another tower 2x as tall is going up only a block away!

  6. Knowing Guest says:

    Per DOB:
    Owner’s Information
    Relationship to Owner: MANAGING MEMBER
    Business Name: 151 MAIDEN LLC Business Phone: 917-838-0693
    Business Address: 95 COLON AVENUE NEW YORK NY 10308 Business Fax: 718-317-1396
    E-Mail: [email protected] Owner Type: PARTNERSHIP

  7. Jeff says:

    Not actually true. I live in the neighborhood (in the low-rise historic district) an I don’t know any condo owners or renters who are for the Howard Hughes tower project. Most of the business owners have been paid off by Hughes through its Old Seaport marketing program, but actual residents are very different story. I attended many of the meetings and saw dozens of my (non Southbridge) neighbors vocally in attendance…

    With that said, I (and many Seaporters) would support significant and dense development on the so-called Millstein site (Beekman/Water/Peck Slip/Pearl), provided the design was worthy of the site…

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