Six-Story, 20-Unit Mixed-Use Building Filed at 801 Bedford Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant

801 Bedford Avenue
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  1. David says:

    Again in the same place to stay new construction on a six-story mixed-use building, purposes become the ones inside structure with many activities per day.

    1. not david says:

      YIMBY should review comments before letting them post people want legitamite commenmtery and this david guy keeps writing pointless nonsesne in broken english

      1. LT says:

        It’s the strangest thing.
        Is “David” getting paid to write these comments from some 3rd world mobile office? I honestly can’t comprehend why someone would write something for nearly every post.
        I’m embarrassed by how much I’ve wondered about who “David” is.

  2. JM says:

    Yes! Another gas station that bites the dust.

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