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Rodriguez Changes Heart, Supports Landmarking of Loew’s 175th Street Theater in Washington Heights

The former Loew's 175th Street Theater, now United Palace, at 4140 Broadway. Credit: LPC.
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  1. Phil Simpson says:

    Very excited that this building is landmarked and that CM Rodriguez preserved this important institution. Now CM Rodriguez needs to preserve another institution that is important to the exercise of our democracy — the Inwood Library.

  2. paul lewis says:

    It’s important to landmark this building, one of the very few Movie Palaces from the golden age still standing in the New York area. The recent renovation of Loew’s Kings in Brooklyn is a lesson on how these old theatres can be brought back to life and look as amazing as they did when new and far more beautiful and inspiring than new new builds.

  3. David says:

    Help me and help me please because I love its looks elegant any sides, availing colors luxury appearances are available to catch the views for pleasure.

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